About us

About us

Keyboard of Noorlander organsNoorlander organ building is an advanced and fast growing company. With many satisfied customers in the Netherlands and around the world we are a serious player in the organ building business.
Because of our years of experience in the fields of software, hardware, audio, electronics and cabinetry we are able to build quality organs. This is done by combining the newest techniques in the field of organs with a personal cabinetry.

Stimulate the senses

An organ should stimulate the senses. In this, sound is very important, as is the cabinetry. In these fields, Noorlander organ building is an advanced company. Our organs come with an exceptionally realistic pipe organ sound, due to the very advanced Hauptwerk technique. Special hardware and software are developed by us for optimal use of Hauptwerk. Our organs create a fantastic sound and are standard accommodated with three quality keyboards and Noorlander Organ Manager. This is software which regulates energy, audio and midi automatically.

Each of our organs is a strong piece of craftsmanship and solid piece of furniture. The quality and finish level are very high. The completion can be done entirely accommodated to the style of your furniture. We process all controls with care virtually invisible in the cabinet. Furthermore, all our organs are equipped with an adjustable bench, dimmable LED lighting, a collapsible pedal with adjustable pedal pressure, headphone jack and two wooden expression pedals.

De best service

Finally, you may expect the best service from our company. We are happy to provide personal advice and provide excellent warranty. Do you need help? Via the Internet we are able to assist remotely. We also have an attractive showroom where our models are set up ready to play. We want to invite you for an informal visit to our company. We are happy to serve you!

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