Functional & Authentic…


Functioneel & Authentiek…

The Allegro

De Allegro

When you are playing the Allegro you immediately recognize the exciting feeling of playing a real church organ. The Allegro combines ultimate ease of use with brilliant design and a maximum of flexibility.

The touch buttons in the layout of draw stops are very user-friendly and provide a clear and well-organized image during registration.

The Allegro is also equipped with our INOSTM technology. These are OLED-displays for the stop names. The nameplates are deep black and have very clear inscriptions. The main advantages are perfect readability and super-fast name change. The seamless integration into the furniture has created a stylish instrument.

What remains is the authentic “organ feeling” that inspires an organist.

“I am happy with the choice of an organ from Noorlander. It is a tailor-made instrument. I now study even more and it inspires me to improvise! Thank you for the professional advice, both before and after the delivery.”

~ Martin Zonnenberg ~


  • Very high quality digital audio system
  • Significantly better sample quality than other electronic organs
  • Standard complete sample set
  • The overall sound of the organ is fair and neutral, which enhances your playing pleasure

Easy of use

The Allegro is a very functional organ. All ease of use components of a Noorlander organ can be found in the Allegro. You can compose your own stop combinations using a setzer, which can be operated in various ways. This can be done by using the touch buttons, thumb pistons or foot pistons. Contact us for more information.

The organ furniture is ergonomically designed, which increases playing pleasure.


The furniture has a compact design, and yet the Allegro has three keyboards and 66 touch stops as standard.

The design is timeless and sleek. The clear lines with regard to the stop name plates and touch buttons have resulted in a clear instrument.

Our furniture is manufactured in our own furniture workshop, which can be found behind our showroom. You are of course very welcome to view this production process up close. Because we have the entire production in-house, the possibilities are endless.


The possibilities are endless, we would like to inform you about this. To give you an impression:

  • Musicstand, keyboard and pedal lighting
  • Extensive external speaker configuration
  • Compose your furniture as desired
  • Extensive options in terms of furniture color combination combined with the color of the touch buttons.
  • OLED displays with custom font
  • Extension of touch (register) buttons

Do you want to know more about the Allegro?

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