What is the difference with regular electronic organs?

You can hear the difference yourself. Because every pipe is recorded (a real recording per register for every key!), an enormous computing power is required. That is why our organs feature rapid computers. The outcome is an incredibly realistic sound. Find our more about Hauptwerk vs Johannus here.

Why is this sound so realistic?

Because the original organ was recorded pipe by pipe. These recordings are sufficiently long to make sure that the small varieties can be heard. Even unevenness and ‘mistakes’ are recorded. Therefore you will not hear a straight sound, but the typical lived sound of a real pipe organ.

What exactly is virtual pipe organ software?

You could see it as a library that contains the sounds of a variety of organs. Whenever you press a key, the software in combination with the hardware make sure the right sound is produced

What makes this sound engineering so special?

The only answer is also the most important answer: realism. It will give you almost the same feeling as if you were to take place on the organ bench of an ancient organ. The mighty feeling from playing on a pipe organ and reviving this king of instruments. That delivers tangible inspiration. And in contrast to other organs, this sound will not eventually get old. It is fascinating to hear one complete organ, a faithful copy. No collection of samples to complete the disposition. No, all of our hauptwerk organs have the registers of your need. Especially when playing our large organs, you will be able to adjust all the sounds and dispositions to your own needs.

Can I turn off the conceivable noise?

Yes this is possible. If you experience the sounds of the wind motor and the machine heads as troublesome, you can turn them off.