The groundbreaking Hauptwerk technology implemented by Noorlander organs is very innovative. Almost every organ lover acknowledges that. Remarkably, the most critical organ listeners, such as church organ players, are moved by the intense pipe organ sound.

Virtual pipe organ

When you have a Valloti III, a Sonnette III, or a custum-made Noorlander organ, you never have to get a new one. Each new sample set that you add to the collection, will offer you an entire new sound experience. This software change, will result in a completely new organ with amazing new sounds. Read more about our virtual pipe organs.

The hauptwerk sound technique is revolutionary and differs from every technique available at other organ manufacturers. We can tell you a lot about it (as many people can’t stop talking about it). However, we would rather have the sound speak for itself. Watch our video’s and listen to the amazing sound of our organs. Even better, come over to our showroom (in The Netherlands) and experience playing on a Noorlander organ.

Regular electric organs vs Hauptwerk

Do you want to know more about the difference between a regular organ and a Hauptwerk organ? Read more about this on our page about the differences.

Spare parts for Hauptwerk

Do you want to build your own Hauptwerk organ or are you looking for an extension of your existing Hauptwerk organ? Visit our Hauptwerkshop. You can find everything you need there.

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